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Mahesh Teacher Training College , Bamer runs under Mahesh Skishan Sansthan , Barmer.. Mahesh TEACHER’S TRAINING COLLEGE committed to prove her deeds by creating well disciplined, dedicated and empowered teachers to lead communities and nation towards better and higher quality of life. COLLEGE has its own academic building, attractive classrooms, well equipped laboratories, a large beautiful building of high quality library, with a wide range of text books in addition to above all.

A warm welcome is being conveyed to you on website of Mahesh Teacher Training College an abode of excellent education which is very dynamic and versatile institution dedicated and devoted to prepare distinguished teachers for the future of the nation, whose glorious services would prepare such disciplined youth for tomorrow that the values dignity and pride of the nation can be safe guarded. 

This training programme would certainly bring a revival in the present set-up of Teacher’s Training institutions. The great educators, psychologists, administrators, researchers and educational specialists would be the out product from this institution